Unforgettable has been singled out by a respected dementia expert and featured in one of the UK’s biggest selling newspapers

One of Unforgettable’s most popular products was recommended in a Daily Mail article this week.

Independent dementia expert, care trainer and best-selling author Mary Jordan was asked by the Daily Mail to recommend five gadgets that can make life easier for people with dementia.

Mary, who wrote The Essential Carer’s Guide to Dementia chose an Unforgettable day clock as her top dementia product. ‘As brain function declines with dementia, patients can struggle with the time and date and may confuse day and night so normal clocks and calendars are too complex,’ she said. ‘But this day clock simplifies matters on a large screen, with for example, Now it’s Thursday morning.’

2in1_Day Clock_8 inch white_stacked

The other four dementia aids chosen by Mary were a special towel-off shampoo (which doesn’t require water) brightly coloured dementia friendly tableware to make meal times easier, a wireless door and window alarm to alert carers if a loved one should leave the house and a lightbulb that mimics natural daylight.

Unforgettable has similar versions of all these products available to including the Rinse Free Waterless Shampoo Cap, a range of Adaptive Crockery and Motion Sensing Lights to illuminate your path. We also have the natural daylight clock  which is mentioned at the top of the article.

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