Active Minds Aquapaint Painting with Water (Natural World)

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These clever sheets provide the satisfaction of painting without the mess. They’re reusable, so they can be enjoyed again and again.

Key Features:

  • 5 reusable painting sheets - dry them out and use again!
  • Just add water and beautiful animal images will start to appear.
  • Provides stimulation and encourages dexterity.

The Aquapaints set has been adapted to make painting an even more dementia-friendly activity. You simply paint water directly onto the paining sheets and a colourful image will start to appear. As the image dries the picture disappears, and the sheet is ready to use again! This means all someone needs to get started is a pot of water and a paintbrush and they’ll be able to enjoy the gratification of creating a piece of art.

Painting is a great pastime for people living with dementia; holding a paint brush is good for dexterity, and the act of creating something is a pleasurable and therapeutic experience. Its great for conversation as they can start to describe the image that appears as they work, and the beautiful images will provide a real sense of accomplishment upon completion.

The Natural World painting sheets feature vibrant images of wildlife including a butterfly, goldfish, peacock, kitten and a horse.

  • 0.5 x 27 x 21 cm
  • 160 Grams


Really good and enjoyable engaged my mom really well.

Brilliant activity to make time spent with your relative meaningful and enjoyable.

Informed that it was a good gift. 

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