Active Minds Aquapaint Painting with Water (Transport)

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These clever sheets provide the satisfaction of painting without the mess. They’re reusable, so they can be enjoyed again and again.

Key Features:

  • 5 reusable painting sheets - dry them out and use again!
  • Just add water and a beautiful transport themed image will start to appear.
  • Provides stimulation and encourages dexterity.

The Aquapaints set has been adapted to make painting an even more dementia-friendly activity. You simply paint water directly onto the paining sheets and a colourful image will start to appear. As the image dries the picture disappears, and the sheet is ready to use again! This means all someone needs to get started is a pot of water and a paintbrush and they’ll be able to enjoy the gratification of creating a piece of art.

Painting is a great pastime for people living with dementia; holding a paint brush is good for dexterity, and the act of creating something is a pleasurable and therapeutic experience. Its great for conversation as they can start to describe the image that appears as they work, and the beautiful images will provide a real sense of accomplishment upon completion.

The Transport painting sheets feature vibrant images associated with transport, such as a double decker red bus, a vintage care, a steam train, a motorcycle and a vintage moped.

  • 0.5 x 27 x 21 cm
  • 160 Grams

Great fun - very clever that they can be used time and time again! My friend thinks he’s actually painting!

My 90 year old father loves these. He used to paint lovely pictures, often of buses and trains, so this set is ideal for him. He takes great care to paint within the lines and is always pleased with the result. His dementia means he can do the same picture again and again without getting bored.

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