Active Minds Coastal Path 13 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle

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Featuring a quaint seaside town, this clever jigsaw has been specially designed for people in the mid-late stages of dementia. A calming activity for focusing the mind and stimulating conversation as the picture takes shape.

Key Features:

  • Uniquely shaped pieces for less confusion.
  • Framed backing board to use as a guide when getting started.
  • Made from wipe clean, durable plastic.

Jigsaws provide a very relaxing experience, and are enjoyed as a pastime by many people around the world. They’re great for people with restricted movement, creating a sense of purpose and a real feeling of accomplishment once they’re finished. However, people living with dementia often find traditional, more complex puzzles too difficult to complete, and many easier jigsaws are aimed specifically at children.

Active Minds’ jigsaws have been specifically designed for people living with dementia. Each piece is a unique shape so that there’s less chance of confusion when connecting them together. This puzzle uses only 13 pieces for people that find more difficult puzzles too much of a challenge. They use gorgeous, age appropriate images that can be used to stimulate conversation and encourage communication. It’s a therapeutic experience for anyone feeling agitated, and a enjoyable social experience when completed with loved ones.

  • Dimensions: 36x25 cm
  • Weight: 455 Grams
  • Number of puzzle pieces: 13

I bought the puzzle for my grandma who is in late mild stage. She really liked the image, sparked some lovely memories and even a smile. It was a good gift choice as I wanted to spend some time with her when visiting.

Really helpful for my wife, who found the puzzle engaging and most important it has an adult theme. I never wanted her to do children's puzzles as this would just rub her nose in an already difficult situation.

Bought for a grandparent who used to love a sodoku and crossword, but has since lost the ability to complete these as she quickly forgets what she was doing. With this, it is on-going and much easier to remember where you were up to, therefore getting my Grandma back in to puzzles which she loves.

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