Large Red Wall Calendar Clock

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A clean and clear wall clock ideal for people living with dementia. Attractive wooden panels and a large analogue display for less difficulty checking the time make it a perfect gift for a loved one.

Key Features:

  • Well designed classic style clock with day, date and time.
  • Extra large display for those who experience difficulty reading traditional clock faces.
  • Self-adjusting for irregular days and leap years.

Many people living with dementia have difficulty keeping track of time due to symptoms such as disrupted sleep, disorientation and impaired cognition. Providing a clock with a large, clear display such as this means it is easier for them to check the time and orient themselves when needed. The Large Wall Clock also displays the day, date and time so that all the information they need is in the same place.

Not being able to remember what time or day it is can of course be very upsetting, and it is important that people living with dementia are given the tools to independently orient themselves as much as they are able. The Large Wall Clock is one way of providing a more accessible clock to people experiencing a decline in their eyesight and cognition. It even self-adjusts for irregular days and leap years, so there’s no need to set it correctly every month. Provide confidence and reassurance to a loved one with this stylish, practical clock.

  • Dimensions: 34.2 x 11 x 34.2 cm
  • Packaged weight: 5 kg
  • Case colour: Dark Wood

Instructions for setting up are located on the back of the clock, so there’s no chance of losing them!

    Good quality clock with a clear easily read face. The wood surround is a shade that matches teak furniture rather than a dark oak or mahogany, which was what I required. It is not clear if it is am or pm, something that could be improved. It is quite large but much more attractive than most dementia clocks. My mum is very pleased with it, as am I.

    Bought for my Mums bedroom, she can wake up in the morning and instantly see what day and date it is ... sadly she has forgotten by the time she arrives downstairs .... but and excellent clock with outstanding mechanical simplicity !

    Perfect for my Alzheimer's affected Father in law. Clean and clear and matches his furniture well so well worth upgrading to the wooden frame otherwise would have looked plasticy.


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