Arthur The Musical Teddy Bear

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Arthur is a rather special therapeutic bear designed to offer comfort, pleasure and sensory stimulation. This irresistibly soft and tactile ted has multiple benefits for people with dementia. In fact, there’s no other product on the market like him. Arthur is unique.

Key Features:

  • Combines benefits of music and doll therapy.
  • Simple to use: Press the paw and the music begins.
  • Capacity of 4GB, nearly 1000 songs.

Arthur is a music player. He has an inbuilt MP3 player which can store more than 1000 favourite songs. The songs are easy to upload (watch the video below) and the mechanism is hidden from view. The person you care about simply has to press Arthur’s paw for their personalised playlist to begin. (Make sure the songs you upload are special to them and mean something). The amazing benefits of music for people with memory loss and dementia are widely recognised. Many find it can help them to relax, improve their mood, boost confidence, ease anxiety and spark happy memories and conversations.

Arthur is also a cuddle therapist. Arthur is comforting and soft and has been carefully designed with a reassuringly weighted bottom to make the cuddle experience more satisfying. The benefits of cuddle therapy (sometimes called doll therapy) are also widely recognised in dementia care. Cuddle therapy can bring great joy to people living with dementia, enabling them to feel safe, express love and care and unlock strong maternal or paternal instincts (men like to cuddle too!). Cuddle therapy also provides meaning and purpose and can boost self-worth, even in the later stages of dementia.

  • Music format: MP3, MPEG4, WMA, WAV, AAC files
  • Arthur is very safe. He has no buttons, zips or sharp bits and can also be of benefit to people with learning difficulties, autism and those with other cognitive challenges.

  • Just press his paw and the music will start. Press it again when you want it to stop. The music has an automatic ‘shuffle mode’ which ensures your playlist won’t always start from the same place.


How to do the rest

Change Batteries

Change Volume

Upload Music

How to care for your bear:

  • If he’s looking a bit grubby, vacuuming on a low setting.
  • If he’s starting to smell (he is a bear after all) put him in a plastic bag with half a cup of baking soda. Seal the bag and shake it well. Take him out and wipe him down with a dry cloth, toothbrush, or vacuum.
  • If he needs a proper wash, DON’T put him in the washing machine or throw him in a bowl of water. Instead, put some liquid soap and warm water in a bowl then rub the soap bubbles into his fur. Or put the soapy water in a hand spray bottle and spray on the dirty area. Leave a while then wipe down with a damp cloth.

Beautiful bear! Easy to upload songs and easy to use. 

Does exactly what it says my mother loved cuddling it singing her favourite songs which were a doddle to put on.

Mum loves this as she needs to go to bed early helps her sleep and cuddle. 

My mother loves this bear. It keeps her company and sings her favourite songs. It is also quite cuddly. Hopefully she will stop wanting another dog which she is unable to look after! A great success. 

Arthur is a much bear...really has made a difference to our Mother's quality of life. 

Wonderful! My husband won't admit it, but he loves Arthur :-) Had to remove the music already on it - not my husbands taste at all! Also it didn't seem to Shuffle tracks at first, but I found it on my software, and now it shuffles and plays prog rock and classical extremely well! Surprisingly good sound quality too. 

It is a really great product. Very easy to add appropriate songs. 



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