Canary Home Care Monitoring System

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This discreet, camera-less home monitoring system allows you to check up one your loved one without invading their privacy. Compact wireless sensors provide round the clock reassurance and notify you if something out of the ordinary happens.

Key Features:

  • Simple set up - no need for a landline, broadband or WiFi.
  • Check up on loved ones with ease through the mobile app.
  • Set rules and receive notifications for unusual behaviour - know when you need to call.

It’s difficult not to be concerned about a loved one with dementia when they’re living at home. The Canary Care System has been designed to give peace of mind without the need to keep asking them the same questions. Seeing that a loved one is moving about their home and knowing when they’ve had visitors can provide a great deal of reassurance to family and carers. You can check night time routines, room temperature, and even whether the fridge or medicine cabinet is being used.

The sensors do not contain cameras or microphones to respect their privacy, they just let you know that all is well so that when you check-in with your loved one you can enjoy the conversations that matter most. Canary Care can provide peace of mind and delay the need for full time care, as well as help inform future care decisions. Home monitoring can be an effective way to support someone living with dementia while you’re trying to give them as much independence as possible but still have your concerns. Spot issues early, so that the little niggles don’t get a chance to become bigger problems.

  • Canary Care Wireless Hub and power supply
  • 4 x motion and temperature sensors
  • 2 x door sensors
  • 1 x visitor smartcard
  • Contact strips for affixing sensors
  • Batteries included for all 6 sensors
  • Getting Started Guide

  1. Plug in the hub somewhere near the centre of the house. After five minutes the network light should show solid green. If it’s flashing green after 5 minutes, change location and try again, somewhere with better mobile phone signal if you can.
  2. For your sensors, stand where you would like to place them and pop in the battery.
  3. Check the light for connectivity (it should show green for 60 seconds).
  4. Fix your sensor into place with the contact strap, and make sure to note its number in the Getting Started Guide provided.

    I bought this mostly for the door sensors so I would know when people were coming and going from the house. It's a good system and I really like the light and heat sensors as they are great for ensuring that everything is working ok.

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