Geemarc Amplified Photo Telephone

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This home telephone set has been designed for seniors to use with less hassle. Its loud ringer, easy answer functionality and simple layout means someone living with dementia will have less difficulty than with a traditional telephone

Key Features:

  • Loud and clear ringer and receiver - up to 80dB ringer and 30dB receiver.
  • Photo buttons for contacting loved ones quickly and easily.
  • Compatible with most hearing aids.
  • ‘Auto-answer' function to save confusion.

Many older people living with dementia can find modern phones challenging to use. Symptoms of dementia can complicate this further, and getting in contact with loved ones can present frustrating obstacles. The Geemarc Amplified Telephone has been designed with seniors in mind, and has many features that mean loved ones will have a smoother experience.

The Geemarc’s distinctly loud ringer and flashing LED light ensures calls will be noticed, and anyone struggling with forgetfulness should be able to find the handset quickly. The receiver is amplified so they can hear you on the other end, too. Speed dial photo buttons simplify the process of contacting loved ones for them, and the ‘auto-answer’ feature means they can take the call simply by picking up the handset from the cradle.

Regular phone conversations with loved ones are an important part of all of our lives, and so it only makes sense that they should be as easy as possible for the people at either end. The Geemarc streamlines the process for people living with dementia, so that when you call there’s less difficulty and more quality time.

    • Handset Indoor Range: 50m
    • Handset Talk Time: 10 hours
    • Handset Standby Time: Approximately 4 days
    • Battery (included): Ni-Mh 2.4V 500mA
    • Keys Size: 25 x 14mm
    • Characters Height: 10mm

    1. Choose a suitable location for the base unit - consider a high, convenient place away from other household electronic appliances.
    2. Connect the base station. Plug the end of the telephone line into a telephone jack or DSL filter, and the power adapter into a socket.
    3. Plug the batter connector securely into the socket inside the battery compartment. Insert the battery pack.
    4. Replace the back cover and place the handset facing forward in the charger.
    5. Your telephone base is ready for tabletop use.

    • 1 x Base station
    • 1 x Corded handset
    • 1 x Cordless handset
    • 1 x Charger with an AC adaptor
    • 1 x AC power adaptor (for base unit)
    • 1 x NiMH rechargeable battery pack (for handset)
    • 1 x Telephone line cord (for base unit)
    • 1 x User's manual

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