The Able Label Able Leather Velcro Belt

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The look of a classic leather belt adapted with simple velcro fastenings for quicker, less complicated dressing. If you have a loved one who’s been frustrated by fiddly buttons and clasps, help make their life easier whilst retaining their style.

Key Features:

  • Discrete Velcro fastening belt for quick, uncomplicated dressing.
  • Robust, genuine leather.
  • Looks just like standard stylish belt when worn.

Dressing can become a difficult part of the day for people living with dementia; fiddly fastenings and buttons can become a real issue, and assisted dressing can often be met with negativity. That’s why Able Label Clothing is packed with innovative features to make getting dressed less stress.

Whilst looking like a normal leather belt, The Able Label Belt does not in fact have the traditional ‘loop and pin’ fastening and instead uses a discrete and secure velcro closure. This means quicker and easier dressing when it has become more difficult for a loved one; helping them retain independence and saving time and fuss if they require assisted dressing.

The Able Label designs high quality clothing for those with physical and cognitive needs, using adaptive designs and clever tricks to make dressing faster and easier for everyone. They want to improve self-confidence and independence for anyone suffering restricted movement or impaired cognition through their comfortable, stylish and innovative pieces. 

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  • 100% Leather
  • 4 sizes available: 30-32,32-34, 36-38, 40-42

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