Companion Puppy (Cavalier King Charles)

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Key Features

  • Encourages companionship with a breed that brings back memories
  • Soothing, who doesn't enjoy stroking a puppy?
  • Simple cute and calming. No mess, no buttons. It works out the box.

Pets can warm the soul, make you smile and provide companionship.

The Precious Pets Range are lifelike 'gentle breathing' bundles of joy.


• Realistic - When a real pet isn't an option, the realistic appearance lets people have something to connect to.

• Breathing - See the puppy very gently breathing, just like if it was asleep

• Visual - Looks like a puppy, not like a toy

• Tactile - With soft realistic fur and a weight similar to that of a real puppy

• Soothing - The puppy may provide companionship for someone with dementia who loves dogs.

Please Note: The companion pet does not lend itself to cuddling or hugging, it is more for stroking and simulating a sleeping pet on the users lap.

IMPORTANT - This item may not be returned if you remove the protective battery tab.

The pet comes with its own sleeping mat which is 30cm long by 21cm wide.

The pet is 24cm long and 17cm wide.

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