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Trackers & Object Locators FAQs

  • The majority of people with memory problems or dementia can become disoriented and feel lost in familiar places. To reduce the risk of any distress or harm it is important to plan ahead, take precautions and know what to do if it happens.

    There are a few things you can try. Planning activities and maintaining a routine can help avoid unplanned travel. If there is a specific time of day someone is prone to leave the house unexpectedly, plan a regular activity for this time. GPS trackers and locators are able to alert loved ones if a person leaves a familiar area unexpectedly or becomes lost, allowing them to locate the person to reassure and help them.
  • If you or a person in your life is prone to getting lost or becoming disoriented when out and about, GPS technology could be an invaluable tool. Using simple trackers and locators can help the person get help and find their way home as well as notifying loved ones who want to know where they are. Many have alert buttons that can be used if someone is lost or in distress.

    When a person living with dementia is lost and you are unable to locate them it is recommended you spend no longer than 15 minutes searching the immediate area before contacting the police. Make sure they are aware that the person has dementia.