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For carers

"We recommend your site to all of our carers. I would describe it as a handy pocket companion. My team dip into your articles or product directories to find that extra tip or piece of knowledge or product that helps them do their job even better. Many of them belong to your community. They particularly like the weekly newsletters, which help them go deeper in a particular symptom"

Lyndsey, Team Manager, Care Home in Manchester


Live Better With Dementia is a one-stop dementia web resource for information, products, services and expert advice, to improve the quality of life of someone with dementia.

In addition to being a go-to for unpaid carers and loved ones, we are also a useful complementary support platform for hundreds of professional carers, who trust our site for the knowledge and recommendations - all of which have been accredited and endorsed by dementia healthcare professionals. 

If you are interested in rolling out the Live Better With platform to your carers, you can request a demo and find out about pricing by emailing




Take your Personalised Dementia Assessment