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It is our mission to empower people and help make day-to-day living a little bit better for those living with dementia, and those caring for them.

We aim to provide informative, practical and useful tips for coping with dementia symptoms and treatment side effects. 

We make sure all our blog articles and guides are thoroughly-researched, trustworthy and relevant to you. Our articles are also medically reviewed and fact-checked by a team of medical professionals to ensure accuracy and safety.


Meet our medical reviewers

We have a team of highly qualified and experienced medical reviewers who are specialists in their fields. All medically reviewed articles identifies the specialist who conducted the review.


Wendy Jackson, Admiral Nurse


My name is Wendy and I have worked within the dementia care setting since qualifying as a registered mental health nurse in 1992. I have always worked in Manchester, being part of a Community Mental Health team for Later Life Services and throughout the years have seen many positive changes and service developments within dementia care. My role has included co-ordination of care/support services, competition of neuropsychiatric assessments to aid diagnosis, facilitation of post-diagnostic support groups, carer workshops and Dementia Cafes.

I have worked alongside the medical team in the Memory Treatment Clinics. For the past four years I have been an Admiral Nurse, working within the Mental Health Trust in collaboration with the charity, Dementia UK. This role involves the psychological support of carers. Providing regular visits in order to provide support and information to them within their role. Advocacy and recognition of the carers part within the whole care of the person with dementia is recognised and acknowledged. I am a Dementia Champion which is part of the Alzheimer’s Society’s aim to make communities more dementia-friendly. Part of this role involves making people ‘Dementia Friends’ by providing information sessions to the wider community and in the process increasing awareness of dementia.