Unforgettable and Live Better With

We are pleased to announce that Unforgettable and Live Better With, two businesses that share a common mission, are merging. The combined business will trade as Live Better With and the Unforgettable website will trade as normal until further notice.

The merger will enable a combined business to better serve the needs of the millions of people worldwide living with long term health conditions.

James Ashwell, Founder Unforgettable

“I founded Unforgettable in 2015 with a mission to improve the lives of all those affected by dementia and memory loss and have been delighted with the impact we've delivered. 5 million people have accessed our practical advice, the Unforgettable support group is used by thousands of carers each week and we've improved the products available for people living with dementia.

The team look forward to working with Live Better With to accelerate the support provided to the 50 million people living with dementia worldwide.”

Tamara Rajah, Founder, Live Better With

“We are delighted to welcome Unforgettable to Live Better With and excited about extending our heartfelt mission to make day to day life a little better for every person living with a long-term condition around the world beyond cancer and menopause to include dementia”