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Key Features

  • Connect, engage and have fun
  • Everyone can play
  • A real family game

Being bored, frequently, may cause the person who has dementia to become withdrawn, losing valuable social skills due to a lack of stimulation. To prevent this from happening to the person for whom you are caring, try playing games that captivate their attention and encourage engagement with you and others in the group.

Active Minds Audio Bingo is a fun, age appropriate game, helping to improve cognitive functions and social participation. It was designed after observing that as people’s dementia progresses they find it harder and harder to play traditional bingo. The goal was to design a game where people in early and later stages of dementia can play together. By using authentic animal sound and beautifully illustrated images instead of numbers, people in later stages of dementia are still able to take part in this popular game.

Animal Bingo is a group activity for up to 12 players, and a bingo caller to run the session. The game is simple, the bingo caller plays the different sounds on shuffle whilst players put counters on the matching image. The caller will also have a flip book to show images of the animals alongside the sounds as an extra prompt. To win, a player needs to match 9 animals on their card and shout Bingo! Made from plastic, card and wood.

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