Canary Home Care Monitoring System

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Key Features

  • Round the clock reassurance, allowing loved ones to stay in the home they know
  • Respects privacy with camera less design
  • Alerts you to falls and late night door use, for total peace of mind
  • Works without wifi or a phone line

Support loved ones to stay independent at home with Canary Care.

If you are looking for a way to allow the person in your life with dementia to stay in the home that they love and maintain independence, home monitoring may be the answer. Canary is a discreet home monitoring and notification system that allows you to keep a gentle eye on the individual with dementia.

"Having this system in place is just a Godsend. I couldn’t live without it now." - Jill, Devon

Buy Canary Care Today for:

1. £319 with a £16 a month subscription (with VAT releif), with no minimum period

2. £149 with a £26 a month subscription (with VAT releif), for a minimum of 12 months

Why Canary Care?

Canary Care is a pack of 6 camera-less sensors, which you simply place on doors and walls around the home. The sensors notify you of out of character behavior, falls, late night wandering, if the fridge hasn't been used in 2 days or anything else you may be worried about. It gives independence back to your loved one, while giving you peace of mind that you will be alerted to anything which could be a worry.

5 Reasons why Canary Care is trusted by care homes and councils across the UK:

  • Award Winning independence enabling technology
  • Maintains independence for longer and adapts to your needs
  • No Wifi or phone line needed, for super simple set-up
  • 24/7 monitoring with intelligent alerts when something is wrong
  • Monitors doors, windows, movement, fridges, medication cabinets and temperature

Put everyone’s mind at ease

When you have a relative living alone, the same conversations can start to take over – meals, sleep, medication. Canary Care shows you at a glance whether everything is OK, so you can enjoy having the conversations that matter most.

Be better off at home

Your loved one is comfortable and independent at home, and you both want things to stay that way. Canary Care has a strong track record of helping older people live at home for longer. Unlike a pendant alarm, it pays for itself in the long term by helping you make good care decisions, and delaying the need for full-time residential care.

Spot things early

Once you know what’s normal, you can set Canary Care alerts for when something out of the ordinary happens. Perhaps the house is too cold, the fridge hasn’t been opened all day, or there were quite a few loo trips last night. Canary Care helps you spot things early, so little niggles don’t get a chance to become bigger problems.

What's in the box?

  • Canary Care Wireless Hub and power supply
  • 4 x motion and temperature sensors
  • 2 x door sensors
  • 1 x visitor smartcard
  • Contact strips for affixing sensors
  • Batteries included for all 6 sensors
  • Getting Started Guide

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