DORO Secure 580 Mobile with GPS (1)

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Key Features

  • Simple to use, 4 buttons with 4 names on speed dial
  • It has an SOS button for emergencies
  • Built in GPS, locate the person you care about instantly
    • GPS locator for greater safety and instant peace of mind. (You can request the phone’s GPS location at any time).
  • Connects you with the people you need – and no-one else
  • Seven-day battery life

A mobile phone tracker and a super simple mobile phone.

This may look like a basic mobile phone, but the Doro Secure 580 is far cleverer than its appearance might suggest. First, it has built-in GPS, which means that you can locate the person you care about instantly. (You send a text, and you’ll receive a reply containing the date, time and location of the phone). The phone also comes with two-way calling, so whoever is using it can press the SOS button to give their contacts a call. Best of all, it has four speed dial keys, so with one simple press of a button you can call people you rely on. Please note the phone operates on a 3G network and is therefore only compatible with 3G SIM cards.


For extra safety and reassurance, the Doro Secure 580 is also compatible with a concierge service which offers customers access to a 24-hour telephonist. At the press of a button, the person you care about can speak to a friendly telephonist. The telephonist can then put them through to friends, family, a doctor or even handle an emergency. The service, hosted by Fuss Free Phones, costs less than £20 per month.

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