Easy Eating Keep Warm Kit (2)

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Key Features

  • Keeps food and drink warm for those who eat more slowly
  • Mug is designed to increase fluid intake and reduce dehydration risk
  • Ideal for those who are bedbound or have dysphagia
  • All items are dishwasher-safe

Included in the Easy Eating Kit – Keep warm is: Red two handled mug with internal cone, drinking lid, white plate with sloped base and red keep warm bowl.

Combining fresh design with intelligent function, the Ornamin Keep Warm mug, lid, plate and bowl are ideal for those in the mid and late-stages of dementia, who may be bedbound or need more support when eating.

Often as dementia develops, eating can become trickier, as your loved one struggles with challenges such as dysphagia (difficulty swallowing), deterioration in eyesight and co-ordination problems. This kit can help tackle some of these challenges.

The two-handled mug with ‘internal cone’ means the interior of it is shaped into a cone, tapering at the bottom. In fact, it looks a little bit like an ice-cream cone. This special shape means the person drinking doesn’t have to tip their head back very far in order to get any fluid, making it ideal for those with limited movement. The mug is also made of a heat-insulating material, so it will stop hot drinks going cold if the drinker can only take small, slow sips. The two handles mean those with weak strength in their arms can hold it easily with both hands.

The plate has an innovative sloped base, so all the food collects on one side, making it easier to scoop it onto a fork or spoon, rather than chasing peas or other food around the plate for hours. It also has a protruding lip to catch any stray bits of food.

The specially designed bowl contains a reservoir space between the base and the inside of the bowl which can be filled with hot water to provide a heat source to keep food warm for those who eat their food slowly. Ideal for soups and stews. You can also fill the reservoir with cold water or crushed ice to keep food cool, so handy for those tucking into a plate of ice-cream and don’t want it melting too quickly.

Both the plate and the bowl have a non-slip ring on the base to prevent the plate and bowl sliding around.

Unique features:

  • The maximum filling quantity of the Mug is 200 ml
  • Drinking lid fits on most Ornamin cups and mugs (there are a very few exceptions – not concerning the cups you chose, so depending on your kits you could write “all”)
  • All items are dishwasher-safe

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