Evaux Hyperthermal Cooling Water Spray 200ml

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Get relief from uncomfortable, warmer weather with a cooling mist of gentle French spring water. Evaux Hyperthermal Cooling Water Spray gently diffuses a mist of natural spring water to provide an instant cooling sensation- and it's rich beneficial minerals for hypersensitive skin.

  • Cools, soothes and gently tones skin with a uniquely beneficial combination of natural minerals
  • One of the softest natural spring waters in France - helps to maintain your skin's neutral pH balance
  • Perfume-free, paraben-free, alcohol-free - 100% natural hyperthermal spring water

What is Evaux hyperthermal spring water?

Each product in the Evaux range is infused with the unique properties of Evaux natural thermal spring water. Sourced in the small French spa town of Evaux Les Bains, the spring water is one of the softest waters in France, helping to maintain your skin’s natural neutral pH levels.

Each drop of Evaux water naturally contains an exceptional mineral combination of silicon, lithium and manganese, providing the water with its anti-irritant, purifying and restorative properties - ideal for hypersensitive skin that's itchy, dry or sore since the onset of menopause.

The natural minerals in Evaux can help to:

  • heal the epidermis
  • hydrate dermal collagen
  • reduce pain and inflammation
  • restore the skin's hydrolipidic barrier
  • lock in moisture
  • encourage keratin production
  • support a natural pH balance
  • prevent itching and irritation

Spray at a distance of about 20cm from the area. Allow to dry without rubbing in. 

Works great as a facial mist for hot flushes, or a cooling spray for sore, irritated skin, burns and healing scars. Also suitable for setting makeup after applying, or gently removing makeup at the end of the day.

Evaux thermal spring water (Evaux Aqua), nitrogen

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