Buttons & Beads Fiddle Muff for Sensory Therapy

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Key Features

  • Varied interactive sensations to keep restless hands busy
  • Cosy and Colourful keeps it endearing
  • May reduce repetitive behaviour

Restless hands can be a really difficult challenge when caring for someone with dementia.

Soft, warm and irresistibly tactile, the stimulating fabrics, colours and attachments help to keep hands busy and reduce repetitive behaviour, making it a great sensory therapy tool.

The Buttons & Beads Fiddle Muff is a great option if you are looking for lots of attachments to keep hands busy.

Great as a gift and a simple solution to reducing stress.

Size: 25 x 20cm

Weight: 225g

Fully machine washable, attachments can be detached if they are not suitable.

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