Geemarc Battery Powered Calendar & Day Clock with Photo Frame

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Key Features

  • 12/24 Hour Clock Setting
  • Battery Operated
  • Wall or Table Mount

Photo Frame to stimulate memories and full day clock in the display. The clock's display can show the stage of the day (Monday Morning, Monday Afternoon, Monday Evening, etc.) or the time and date or the day, date.

All words are shown in their unabbreviated format for easy comprehension. There is a 12 or 24H large display (205*190*20 mm) and the setting are controlled by the atomic clock. The display automatically updates for summer/winter time.

The clock has 5 installed languages: English, French, German, Italian and Spanish. This unique product is to display a picture of someone that you want to help your loved one remember. The combination with the day clock screen will also give invaluable assistance to understand what the time of day is. 

The clock is desk or wall mountable and battery powered for added flexibility of use. In order to start the clock one needs 2 alkaline batteries (AAA). The batteries are not included with the box.

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