GPS Smart Soles GPS Tracker (1)

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Key Features

  • Totally discreet tracking device
  • Set a geofence and get alerts simply and quickly
  • Works via laptop, smart phone or tablet
  • Wearable, invisible technology, enabling families to keep loved ones

People with memory loss and dementia still want to go out and about and continue living their lives, but families and carers often worry about them getting lost or becoming confused or disorientated. These fears are understandable of course, but innovative devices such as these award-winning GPS Smart Soles are enabling families to stop worrying when their loved ones decide to go for a walk.

GPS Smart Soles contain one of the strongest and most reliable geofencing tracking devices on the market so that family and carers can always know where the person they love has gone. Best of all, they are totally discreet. Slip them inside their normal shoes (they feel just like an ordinary insole) and you will always know where they are.

Key Benefits

  • Invisible technology: The insoles are discreet and comfortable, maintaining the security and dignity of your loved one.
  • Innovative: People with dementia often find that their procedural memory, which includes habitual actions such as putting on a pair of shoes, remains intact. Placing a GPS tracking device inside their shoes therefore is one of the most practical ways to ensure that the device is with them when they need it.
  • Discreet: The person is only tracked when they leave a pre-defined geo-zone that you deem to be safe, such as the garden or street. This increases their privacy and independence.
  • Share the care: Alerts and updates can be sent to an unlimited number of people. So friends, family, neighbours and carers can all be involved in keeping your loved one safe.
  • Keep it personal: You can choose the frequency of alerts you’re sent. For example, you can receive them every five minutes, 10 minutes or every hour.

Don't Forget

  • Price includes SIM card and first month's subscription
  • You will be charged additional payments of £29.99 per month (£24.99 with VAT relief) for 3MB of data. Please note that we will be in touch to set up your monthly direct debit at the end of your first month.
  • No minimum contract or cancellation policy.
  • Can be used abroad at no additional cost.
  • Please contact us at any time if you wish to cancel or pause your subscription.

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