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As heard on BBC Radio 4, the GPS SmartSole are an invisible location tracker that slips into shoes just like a normal insole. Limit the risks associated with wandering and take peace of mind from a regularly updated GPS location.

Key Features:

  • Discreet and comfortable, maintaining the dignity and security of your loved one.
  • Place it in their favourite shoes so it is unlikely to ever be left behind on trips out.
  • Receive updates only when the user leaves a designated ‘Safe Zone’.
  • Uses mobile data to work anywhere in Europe with phone signal.

Wandering is a safety concern for many people when a loved one is living with dementia. It can be very difficult to keep them safe without limiting their independence, but if they do become lost or enter an unfamiliar location, getting them home can become a difficult and upsetting process for friends and family. The GPS SmartSole has been designed as a failsafe option for locating a loved one whilst maintaining their privacy.

Check and receive updates on location, direction and speed of travel as regularly as every 5 minutes or only once they leave a designated ‘Safe Zone’ easily drawn out on Google Maps (at a minimum of 100m). Many people feel the need to check on loved ones with dementia frequently to be reassured that they are safe and happy, and when this isn’t possible it can be a constant worry. With the GPS SmartSole discreetly stowed in their shoes or slippers, you can check at a glance that they’re where they need to be. The mobile app can be accessed by multiple users, so a everyone in the support network is able to check everything’s okay.

The GPS SmartSole works like a phone, so there is a monthly fee for the ongoing data use. There is no minimum contract, so this charge can be cancelled at any time. The initial purchase includes the product itself and the first months data.

    • Length: The insoles are to be trimmed down size on arrival
    • They come in either size UK 4-9 or 10-14
    • Width: 8.77cm (3.5″), Depth: Approx 15mm at the back of the heel down to 3mm at the front
    • Battery life is 1-3 days depending on how far and fast the individual travels
    • Don’t worry, you will receive warnings when the battery level is getting low
    • As there is no ON/OFF switch, the individual cannot deactivate the device
    • Water resistant with anti-friction fabric that draws moisture away from the foot
    • Quad band (international mobile signal) means over 200 global mobile systems are covered
    • SIM card for the device included with every purchase, this cannot be exchanged for your own. (The sim card is on the Telephonica network)


    Brilliant solution to a heart wrenching problem.

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