Magiplug Flood & Scald Prevention Plug

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Magiplug is a unique bath and sink safety plug that reduces the risk of scalding and flooding using a pressure activated system. When an unattended bath or basin reaches a certain depth, the pressure plate opens and releases excess water down the plughole to prevent flooding. When desired level is reached, pressure plate will close again leaving a filled bath or basin. Changes colour between 32 - 41˚C as a warning that water may be too hot. Ideal for anyone likely to forget to turn off the taps. Attaches easily to your existing plug chain.

  • Bath plug - suitable for baths more than 380mm (15”) deep.
  • Bathroom basin plug - suitable for bathroom basins more than 125mm (5”) deep.
  • Kitchen sink plug - suitable for kitchen sinks more than 165mm (61⁄2”) deep.

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