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Key Features

  • Simple, Reminders to keep the day on track
  • Update when you need to remember little bits of helpful information
  • Perfect for medication or the age of food

The Talking Tin Reminder provides an easily set talking reminder at the push of a button. Record any message you like up to 20 or 40 seconds, simply re-recorded as often as needed and once the main button is pushed the recording will be played aloud.

Easily attached by a magnet on the back or a self-adhesive sticker means this reminder can be applied anywhere in the home. For example, in kitchen cupboards to remind when the milk was opened and when it will be out of date, or by the door to remind your loved one not to forget their keys.

Originally designed to identify the contents of a tin, The Talking Tin Reminder can be used in a variety of ways to provide reminders. Placing it next to commonly used objects such as the kettle means your loved one will see it as a reminder to hear what’s important for that day, such as “Mum, don’t forget to take your meds, Love David”.


  • 20 or 40 Second Recording length
  • Two RECORD Buttons provide message protection
  • Press the PLAY button to hear your message
  • Built-in magnets on underside - will attached to any steel can
  • Fits all standard UK, US and Euro tin diameters, including Ring Pulls
  • Message can be re-recorded - reuse time and time again
  • This version has a LOCK feature to protect your recorded messages
  • Batteries are included and replaceable

Includes 3 AG13 (LR44) batteries.

Size: 7.9 diameter x 2.2cm.

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