Memory Calendar 2020 (54)

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Key Features

  • Simple, bold, black print on a white background
  • Gives clear indication of month, year and day
  • Each day has a space to leave personalised daily reminders

Imagine knowing that today is a significant day to you or your family but not being able to put your finger on why, exactly, it is. For the person in the early to mid-stages of dementia, the frustration of forgetting the simple things during a lapse of memory is terribly distressing, causing feelings of anxiety, sadness and even worthlessness.

The Memory Calendar has been developed and trialled with the help of the Derbyshire Alzheimer’s Society in the hopes of combatting this upsetting situation. Far from being your average desktop calendar, it is free from distracting images and quotes. It gives a clear indication of the month, year and day, with a large print numeral for the date. The first half of the year is printed in black and the second half in blue on a white background. At the bottom of the page, lines have been left for personalisation. Here is where particular events, appointments, birthdays and anniversaries can be written. Each page is a new day. Perfect for any member of the household and even visiting carers, allowing them to see what is specifically important to the person with Alzheimer’s on that day and prompting a more informed interaction. This amazing calendar is self-supporting for placement in a prominent position or is small enough to be carried in a handbag.

Size: 105mm x 148mm.

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