MemRabel 2 Day Clock with Reminders (9)

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Key Features

  • Choose up to 20 reminders
  • Displays variations of time of day, date and day
  • Personalise with your own images, videos and recordings

This clock doesn't only tell you the day and time, it can also display up to 20 pre-loaded reminder messages, allowing people with memory loss or dementia to maintain their daily routine. If the pre-loaded messages don't suit your particular needs, you can upload your own. Best of all, you can pre-set as many messages as you want for different days of the week, so that regular appointments or events aren't missed. Messages can be set to go off once, (if that's all you require) or for daily, weekly or monthly playback. You can even pre-set messages to go off weeks or months in advance.

Other Features:

  • Large clear time dispaly
  • Big text stating the Day of the week and the time of day such as: Morning, Afternoon, Evening or Night
  • Digital display of the time in 24 Hour of AM/ PM format
  • Wall mountable


  • Set up to 20 reminders a day
  • Use pre-set Reminders like: "Remember to take your pills" or "Remember to have a drink"
  • Record and use your own voice, videos and pictures to personalise reminders (this requires a USB stick)

Great for daily time orientation and reminders, the Memrabel 2 offers a versatile selection of functions that can be personalised to your needs.

In the Box

  • 1 MemRabel 2 with built in stand
  • Remote control
  • Mains adapter (3m)
  • User Manual

The screen is 20.2cm diagonally

Whole device is 22.2 x 17.8cm

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