Object Locator & Beeping Key Finder (21)

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Key Features

  • Easy to use short distance tracker
  • Ideal for memory loss or visual impairment
  • Loud beeps help identify the objects location
  • Activation range of up to 50m

Find things quickly and easily with this simple to use, incredibly helpful object locator and beeping key finder. We all misplace things from time to time, with memory loss and dementia, this may happen more frequently, mislaying items around the home, causing frustration and stress.

The Remote Controlled Object Locator is an affordable gadget that offers a simplistic solution. The beepers can be attached to items with the key rings or Velcro dots (not included) such as handbags, keys or glasses cases. Extremely easy to use, just press the labelled remote control to activate a beeper. Please note batteries will last approximately 6 months depending on usage, but can be easily replaced.

Features of the Remote Controlled Object Locator:

  • Wireless detection of misplaced items around the home
  • Activation range of up to 50m
  • Object locator battery life is 6-9 months depending on use
  • Unused object locators can be shut off when not in use

Remote control

118mm x 38mm x 15mm

Weighs 45g with battery (12V A23).

Wireless beepers

42mm x 16mm x 10mm

Weighs 12.3g with battery (3V CR2032 lithium coin cell)

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