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Key Features

  • Special valve prevents liquid flowing back down straw
  • Ideal for people with a weak suck reflex
  • Made from rigid plastic
  • Available as a pack of 10

It’s vital that people with dementia stay hydrated throughout the day, especially if they struggle to remember to stop and take a drink very often. If drinking has become difficult, they may find it easier to use straws rather than drinking straight from a cup or glass.

One direction drinking straws can help as they have a special valve which prevents liquid flowing back down the straw and into the cup once you stop sucking. It simply stays within the straw until you start sucking again. This makes it ideal for people who aren’t able to suck strongly or for a long time and prevents air being sucked into the stomach which can cause pain and discomfort.

The straws can be used on their own, or alongside the Find Dining mug and lid, which has a special hole to fit the straw through. The straws are rigid, but can be angled slightly by running them under hot water and bending.

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