Personal Alarm & GPS Tracker (4)

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Personal Alarm & GPS Tracker

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People with memory loss and dementia often become confused or disorientated when they’re out and about. The people who care about them then become stressed, particularly if they don’t know where they’ve gone. Unforgettable’s personal alarm and GPS tracker is one way to help everyone manage. This great value tracker provides reassurance for families and independence for those they care about…at the press of a button.

Key Features

  • £9.99 monthly subscription for Safer Walking app
  • Geofence location alerts and tracking history
  • Available in black or blue

1. Personal alarm with two-way calling: Talk to your emergency contacts just by pressing the SOS alarm button. Your family and friends can also call you anytime through the app.

2. GPS tracking and geofencing: For reassurance, family and friends can monitor your location through the app and set-up specific location alerts for when the tracker leaves the specified area.

3. Tracking history: See where the tracker has been over a specified period of time.

4. Discreet, and easy to use: Download the app from the App store or Google play. SIM card included along with £2 credit to get you up and running.

The all-round tracker. Our Unforgettable Personal Alarm & GPS Tracker is safety made simple.

More features

  • Geo-fences (safe zones) triggers a notification via the Safer Walking app when the device moves into or leaves a designated area. These can be from 100m in diameter up to many 1.5km.
  • Attach to key rings or a lanyard to help make it part of everyday
  • Up to 48 hours of battery life
  • Easy charging with a specially designed charging dock
  • Easy to setup with user manuals, FAQs and support to make it as simple as it should be
  • Can be setup to suit your needs. You don't have to use every function.
  • Waterproof against showers and rain
  • Small and light at 61 x 43 x 16mm and only 35 grams - lighter than 2 AA batteries

How does it work?

Once the tracker is paired with the smart phone app, it is simple to see the current location of the tracker, where it has been and to set up geofence alerts. Up to five people can track the device, and several devices can be tracked from a single phone. The Safer Walking app requires an Apple iphone or Android phone to operate.

Comes with £2 of credit. It's easy to top-up and you can set alerts reminding you when the credit starts to run low.

The Safer Walking app subscription is £9.99 monthly. This is in addition to the SIM charges of approximately £1.50 per month for average use.

Apple iphone or Android phone required

Supplied with a UK power supply plug and charging dock.

How can this help someone living with dementia?

Read the manual

Covers everything you need to know, from quick start, advanced features and credit to FAQs

Read Now

Activate your SIM card

To activate your SIM, you will need your 19-digit SIM card identifier and 11-digit mobile number

Activate Now

Top up your credit

Log in, select your SIM card, the amount you would like to top up and pay using PayPal or card

Top Up Now

Download and activate your Safer Walking

Android Play Store >

iOS App Store >

More info

How do I top up?

Click here to top up your credit.

Click here to mange your credit.

For full details, see page 3 in the user manual.

Where can I find the mobile number for the SIM card?

The number and activation code is included within the box.

What is a geo-fence, and how does it work?

A geo-fence, sometimes called a “Safe Zone” is a virtual perimeter, which once crossed can send an alert to the app. The geo-fence can be anything from 100m up to 1.5 kilometres. You can choose if you would like to receive an alert when the device enters or leaves an area. See page 5 of the manual for full setup details.

How accurate is the GPS location?

The GPS location can be accurate to 5- 10 metres, however please be aware, use indoors, in areas with low or limited GPS reception will reduce the accuracy.

What are the running costs? Text, calls, etc.?

Calls and to the tracker will be charged at your standard network rateUse of the tracker charges £0.10 per MB of data.

For normal use we would estimate the device to cost around £1.50 per month for the data, pllus monthly subscription of £9.99 monthly for Safer Walking app.

Click here for full charges and international coverage.

Can I use the tracker in another country?

Yes, though charges may be higher outside the EU. Click here for a full list of countries, coverage and charges.

What phone does it work with?

To use the tracker with the Safer Walking app, you will need an Apple iPhone or Android phone.

Do I need an app?

Yes, you can download and activate your Safer Walking up in the Android App Store or the iOS App Store.

How long does the battery last for and when should I charge it?

The battery will last up to 48 hours. We recommend charging every night, and clip, slip or pop it back in your pocket every morning as part of a regime. This means it will always be with you and always charged and ready to go.

Alternatively, build charging into a carers schedule so that you know the device is getting charged at the right times.

All emergency contacts will receive a low battery alert when the battery level drops below 20%. We recommend urgently charging the device below 15% as this may impact the devices location accuracy and other functions.

Charging is easy. Simply place the device in the charging cradle. The red charging light will glow when the device is charging correctly.

I need help troubleshooting

For our full troubleshooting guide, please go to the full-length user manual.

Can I use my own SIM card?

No, the SIM card is pre-installed and is provided with the device for your convenience.

How big is the Personal Alarm & GPS Tracker

It is 61mm long, 43mm wide and 16 mm deep. Weighing 35 grams.

Are there any areas I won't be able to use the device?

Signal quality will vary depending on environmental factors. The tracker comes fitted with a roaming SIM card which means it will connect to the strongest signal. There may however be areas where the tracker cannot receive a signal. For this reason, we recommend that you do not rely of the device for safety but use it as one tool to help someone stay safe. Location accuracy will decrease when inside buildings or when the signal is limited.Is there a warranty included?

Yes, the device comes with a 12 month, manufacturers warranty. Please note that the warranty will be void if damaged due to water.

I have a question that hasn't been answered. What should I do?

We have more FAQs and a Troubleshooting section on page 11 of the full-length user manual which you can find here.

If you are still having problems or have a question, please contact us at or call us by visiting our Contact Us page and we'll be happy to answer any queries you may have.

Tariffs, charges and international coverage

Text and calls to the device will be charged at your standard network rate.

The costs from call, texts and location requests in the UK and Europe are*:

  • £0.10 per MB of data

For normal use we would estimate the device to cost around £1.50 per month for the SIM. Plus monthly subscription of £9.99 monthly for Safer Walking app.

Click here for full charges and international coverage.

Click here to top up

Click here to set up up low credit alerts and automatic top-ups

We recommend setting your low credit alert to at least £1.50, it may take you a few hours to top up the credit and this will make sure there is enough credit in case of an emergency.

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