Pivotell Advance GSM Automatic Pill Dispenser with App Alert

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Key Features

  • Reduces the possibility of overdosing
  • Notifies up to three trusted contacts when medication has not been dispensed
  • Up to 24 daily alarms can be set

Remembering to take pills on time is important. Taking medication too closely or not often enough can have serious health implications. For a person with dementia who suffers from lapses in memory, taking their pills on time can seem like an impossible task.

The Pivotell Advance GSM dispenser can be easily filled and programmed by the user, relative, carer or pharmacist, dispensing pills up to 24 times a day. Sends text messages to up to three family members or carers if medication has not been dispensed from the device at the medication time.


The dispenser is programmed online using the Pivotell Administration Centre. The Administration Centre provides reports on the user's Medication Compliance, for example, it records the actual times when medication has been dispensed and when warning messages such as 'Dose not taken' have been sent. The full communications history between the device and the Administration Centre can be monitored.

How does it work?

At the pre-programmed times, the dispenser rotates, the alarm signal is heard, and the correct dosage comes into view through the opening in the lid. The alarm can be programmed to ring for up to 5 hours and is cancelled by tipping the pills into the hand or a suitable container

SIM Card is required

For the notifications to work a SIM card is required. A roaming SIM card is supplied with the Pivotell GSM dispenser which will pick up the best mobile network signal in any given area. This requires the Pivotell GSM dispenser to be located in an area with at least one active mobile network.

Pivotell Advance GSM Automatic Pill Dispenser is supplied with an all inclusive SIM card - no need to top up, all messaging included. There are 2 plans to chose from:

Option 1: Pay Monthly. Average daily cost: 27 pence. Pivotell will email you to set up the Pay Monthly Direct Debit of £8.40 via Go Cardless. Please look out for an email from Go Cardless on behalf of Pivotell. Cancel anytime with 30 days notice in writing. You will be contacted after 12 months for the £26 annual renewal of the Administration Centre

Option 2: Prepaid sim, £72. Average daily cost: 20 pence. You will be contacted after 12 months for the annual renewal of the SIM (£72) and the Administration Centre (£26).

More Features:

  • Self-locking shutter - Prevents access to the medication tray except at the time that medication is programmed to be available, preventing the possibility of double dosing.
  • LCD display - Visible though the lid allowing the user and carer to view: the date and time, the time that the next dose is due, the number of doses remaining, the battery level – all without unlocking the dispenser.
  • Dispenser ‘Upside down’ – Should a dosage time occur when the dispenser is upside down it will alarm as normal but the tray will not move forward, so pills will not fall out onto the floor. When it is returned upright and at the next alarm it will move to the correct position for that alarm – even if that is one or 2 days later.
  • Daily Alarms – One to twenty four alarms can be set daily. Four different sounds available to choose from and a flashing light for those with hearing impairment.
  • Compartments – Total of 28. For those with many or large pills two or more compartments can be programmed to alarm at the same time.
  • Start Delay Function -Allows pharmacists or family members to easily fill in advance away from the user's home.
  • Stop Function - Deactivates dispenser at the end of the dispensing cycle, useful for those using multiple dispensers in the home.
  • Batteries – It is possible to use both Alkaline AA and rechargeable batteries. Battery life up to 12 mos. Secured cover to deter tampering. Low battery warning when less than 20%.
  • Lockable – Only medication due to be dispensed can be accessed by the user.
  • Automatic Adjustment for the clocks changing in Spring and Autumn.
  • Medical Device Registration: Class 1


  • Dose Dispensed
  • Dose Missed (and an alarm halfway through the alarm time to allow a prompt)
  • 4 doses only remaining in the tray
  • Low battery
  • Dispenser upside down
  • Error

Typical users of the Pivotell Advance GSM dispenser are those who may require more support than the stand alone Pivotell Mk3/11 or Pivotell Advance dispensers offer and who have concerned family members who are able and willing to respond to any alert message sent by the dispenser, without using Telecare.

Note: Supplied with a pharmacy label carrier and label case, Day/time discs, batteries and battery cover securing screw.

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