Proximity Quick Wandering Alert Button (1)

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Key Features

  • Smart alert let's you know if they get too far away
  • Great for indoor and outdoors
  • No monthly subscription fees

Getting lost and wandering are common worries. Proximity was invented to help. Inspired by personal experiences, it's a simple way to make days out easier.

The Proximity Button is a discreet badge that is worn by the person with dementia. It connects to your mobile phone via Bluetooth: your phone is always looking for the Button. If the person wearing the Button walks too far from you and your phone, your phone will alarm. Simple.

Why Proximity?

  • The Proximity Button uses Bluetooth to communicate to your phone so works both inside and outside.
  • There are no subscriptions fees and the app is free to download.
  • The Proximity Button is not a direct replacement for a tracking device, it is a smart and affordable alternative

In what situations would a product like this be useful?

  • At home - If your loved one wearing the Button was to go through the front door your phone would alarm quickly, allowing you to get to them far quicker than if they hadn't been wearing it.

  • Night-time wandering - The Proximity Button is extremely light and discreet meaning it can easily be placed onto nightwear. Simply place your phone next to you whilst you sleep and should your loved one get up in the night and wander, your phone would alarm to wake you

  • Out and about - If you still want to take your loved one out and about, the Proximity Button can bring peace of mind. If your loved one is wearing the Button and they wander from your side, you will know about it much more quickly. 


The Proximity Button's delicate design means it can be easily placed on all types of clothing. The strong magnet fixture holds it securely in place and there's also a strap for added security. It's so small and light that it can even be attached safely to the collar of a shirt. The Button can also easily be placed on the back of a shirt, t-shirt, blouse or top should you be worried about a loved one noticing the Button and removing it.

Battery life:

Your Button is powered by a coin cell battery. The battery will last up to 6 months before it needs changing

Works with iOS and Android. To check if your phone is compatible please see here:

Please note: Proximity is a distance alarm, giving you peace of mind, so that you know someone has left the near by area. It does not provide any location information. Please couple with a tracker for complete peace of mind.

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