Removable Home Signs & Labels Pack (3)

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Key Features

  • 20 door and drawer self-adhesive labels
  • Provides information and support around the home
  • Labels can be stored, removed or replaced as required

There’s nothing worse than not being able to remember where an item belongs, or the way to the toilet, but for someone with dementia, this is a very common problem, and one which can cause frustration and confusion.

Find’s Self-Adhesive Sign and Label pack lets you mark out different areas of the house or care home so that someone with dementia can find their way around. This helps to encourage independence and boost confidence.

The labels are self-adhesive, but can also be removed and reused as and when you need to, and cover a range of different rooms, areas and products including:

Cups and Plates x 1; Clothes x 4; Underwear x 2; Food x 2; Towels x 1; Cupboard x 2; Coats and Shoes x 2; Cutlery x 1; Toiletries x 1; Cleaning Products x 1; Pots and Pans x 1; Medicines x 1; Stationary x 1; Lounge x 1; Bedroom x 3; Dining Room x 1; Bathroom x 1; Toilet x 2; Shower x 1; Kitchen x 1 (30 Labels Total)

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