Safe Sip Silicone Drinks Cover

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Key Features

  • Fits any glass & Never falls off
  • Durable and Hygenic

Spills while drinking are inevitable at some point however with dementia, making sure you have something to drink at all times is incredibly important. That's what Safe Sip helps with: lying down, knocks, shakes and even drops won't break the seal. Safe Sip is one more little thing you can do to help someone stay hydrated.

The SafeSip is a reusable, neatly fitted platinum silicone cover that can mould to any glass, mug, cup or can. Once on, the lid is nearly impossible to get off unintentionally, significantly reducing any spillages. Safe Sip's 'double vent system' means that even if a straw is in one hole, liquids won't spill through the other.

Safe Sip can is dishwasher, microwave and freezer safe.

3 simple steps for application

  • Fill glass with liquid of choice
  • Lift tabs on side to stretch lid over top of glass
  • Once secured, put a straw through either hole

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