Scentscape in the Garden Sensory Reminiscence Game

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Key Features

  • Combine Scent and Sounds for a powerful sensory experience
  • Recall and relive memories
  • Relax with familiar sounds and scents

In the Garden Scentscape has been designed to stimulate everyday memories from sunny afternoons spent in the garden. Play the soundscape whilst smelling the scents together for a unique activity designed to evoke memories.

How It Works

As people’s dementia progresses it becomes more and more difficult to engage in a meaningful way. The combinations of both sound and scents instantly transported people to that place, stimulating memories and conversation that would otherwise have been impossible to reach.

Each Scentscape comes with four scents, four smelling jars and a 30min CD of specific sounds of a particular theme. Each CD is split into 4 different sections, which relate to the four different scents.

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