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Key Features

  • Easy to use: lift the lid to PLAY, use the big button to SKIP, close the lid to STOP
  • Preset reminiscence songs, easily updated and changed over a USB
  • No software to install, just drag and drop

It is upsetting to see a person with dementia looking bored or feeling isolated due to inactivity. Music is a wonderful way to assist them in becoming connected and engaged with the things happening around them.

The Simple Music Player was designed specifically with dementia persons in mind. It is extremely easy to use even when a lack of dexterity is an issue. The music begins to play when the lid is lifted and to skip to the next track there is one large button to press. The volume is set by family members or carers and cannot, accidentally, be changed. The songs are selected and downloaded via a USB link from a Windows, Apple or Linux PC, ensuring that the music your loved one most enjoys is what is playing.

More Features

  • Capacity of 4GB, nearly 1000 songs
  • Comes with 5 Big Band songs - we recommend loading your own music up for a personal, musical experience.
  • 'Drag and Drop' music from your PC to your Player via USB, no software to install
  • Please Note: This item is shipped from the UK and has a British 3-pin plug.

How to Use Simple Music Player

How to Upload Music

Excellent product, father in law with dementia, who loves his music but is unable to navigate music devices anymore. This device is simple to use once we had downloaded his favourite music on to it.
Fantastic buy! So easy to use. My mom just loves it, up to 400 songs on it. Provides great warmth and company.
Very simple to operate and easy to download music, just perfect for my mother's needs at the moment.
Excellent worth every penny to see the smile on my Dads face84. Easy to use hours of pleasure and denentia proof. Thank you

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