Star Projector Clock with Nature Sounds (1)

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Key Features

  • Beautifully projected night scene
  • Ten nature sounds promote relaxation
  • Among these are ocean waves, bird song, river, dawn, summer nights, rain, heartbeat, woods and an alarm
  • Choose between light, sound or both,
  • 30 minute timer ensures that the person will not be disturbed once they fall asleep
  • Alarm clock with date, time and temperature display
  • Product takes 3 AA Batteries (not included). Mains Adaptor can be purchased separately

When the person with dementia has a hard time relaxing into sleep or is bedbound and in need of calming visual and or audio stimulation, this clock may be the perfect solution.

Let this shining star projector soothe restlessness and insomnia or help with tinnitus as it turns the ceiling into a night sky scene. Freedom to choose between sound, light, or both - a handy 30 minute timer ensures the individual for whom you are caring is not awakened once they have dropped off. Featuring an alarm clock with date, and temperature display. Choose from 10 nature sounds to help the person relax and lull them to sleep under the stars.

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