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Key Features

  • Record long stories with up to 2 hrs of recording time
  • Personalise - 20 pages to record and fill with memories
  • Easy to use and perfect for helping to remember

Perfect present or a clever cue - this is a photo album to help remember the things that matter most...

"If there is one gift I would buy this Christmas, it's this photo album. It is a perfect gift as well as a helpful tool to remember. All wrapped into one!" - Alex, customer

Start a conversation - Ideal at home or in care homes to strengthen the carer-to-client bond.

Encourage laughter, smiles, and independence. This beautiful faux leather bound album has either 6 minutes or 2 hours of recording and 20 pages to insert pictures to spark memories. Record at the press of a button onto the page you want or pre-load from a computer. It's all simple to do. The earphone socket is great for those hard of hearing.

Two versions are available: one with 6-minutes of recording time (18 seconds a page) or the deluxe version with 2 hours of recording. The deluxe version also has a soft faux leather cover with a picture slot and a USB connection to upload music.

Each page has it's own play/pause button and holds a traditional photo or image, 5"x7" (125 x 175mm).

Popular ways to use the album:

  • Create a Life Story - From birth to today and pack the album full of milestones and memories.
  • Bring Back Memories - That holiday to Spain, the trip to Liverpool, a family pet. Find a photo and pop it in, record the memory. Names, events, mishaps and all the fun things (If you don't have a photo, you can always find a picture of a place online to bring those memories back).
  • Music Medicine for the Mind - It can relax, create smiles, encourage memories and a sing-a-long. Record a song, or load one through a computer.
  • Connecting in Care Homes - Understand the life story of clients, their needs and the things they love. Create the album once and use it to create a truly personalised caring experience.

Reminders - Smart, helpful ideas:

  • Medicine and Pills - Help tackle common questions and confusion - "How many?", "What time?", "What is this one for?" Make a page with an image saying "Daily Medication Plan. Press to Hear." Record phrases such as "Take 3 blue pills, 1 red pill" or use each page with a picture of the pill, the number to take and record answers to the common questions.
  • Appliances- Provide instructions on how to use the microwave, kettle, oven, locks, phone, shower, remote controls and the iron. Visiting someone's home, trying to figure out their appliances is never that fun or easy. Memory loss may create feelings of worry and confusion, even with things they used to use every day. Record a "How to" with a picture to stop these frustrating moments and get on with the things that matter.

Technical information:

  • Requires battieres (not included) - 3 x AAA.
  • Recordings will be remembered forever, even when batteries are removed.

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