Throw & Tell Conversation Ball (13)

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Key Features

  • Useful conversation starter
  • Builds bond between person with dementia and their carer
  • Helps with reminiscence

Striking up a chat with someone with dementia may initially seem difficult, especially if you don’t know them that well, but using an activity ball will help to break the ice and turn the process into a fun game.

Each panel on the ball features a different preference, experience or memory trigger that anyone can talk about. These could include a favourite toy they had as a child, a car they used to own or a food they enjoy cooking.

When a person catches the ball their thumbs will be on two different panels of the ball. Then they simply choose one of the panels and talk about the topic.

The Throw & Tell Conversation Ball is enjoyable for the person with dementia as they’ll relish talking about old memories, and useful for the carer, as the more you know about someone, the easier it is to form a bond and learn practical information that will help with an individual care plan.

The Ball is filed with a soft lightweight synthetic filling.

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